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The team l by it is known for its large sample studies. For example, we recommend you to look at a study of 100 million articles with tips for content strategy, a study of search results or alysis of load spes that identifi popular acceleration methods. This collaboration studi 10,000 results to find out the relationship between website performce d home page rk. We trslat it d shorten it slightly. Note that the study only look at rks on page one, which mes we’re talk about a battle for top position among sites that are already on page one.  Rk Factors.

Websites in the first row of search

Russi Search Results Study If the websites on the homepage are compet for the top position in the search results then certain factors are very importt for them. But other content may be importt if you ne to move your website from page five to page one. For example if a website takes a France Telegram Data long time to load then it will lose out to fast competitors but on the homepage all websites are already fast so spe will not play a big role in rk high. Summary of Year Page Rk Factors Study Results Overall domain authority is highly correlat with higher rks. Page authority has little to do with rk.

Telegram Number Data

The number of domains link to a page

Pages with more backlinks rk higher th pages with fewer backlinks.  results have, on average, my times more backlinks th the other ten rows at the top. Backlinks from different websites are importt. correlates with its rk. Content that comprehensively covers issue is significtly better th content that does Belarus Telegram Number List not cover the topic in detail. The title of most pages corresponds in whole or in part to the keyword for which the page rks. But the correlation between keywords in the title tag d high rks on the homepage is almost zero.

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