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We quickly realiz that calm was no good d it was time to act faster th our competitors. There were concerns that losses on client portfolios were estimat to be around 10% but were lost due to the emergency recovery. Closure scare About half of our clients had no reaction to what happen d extend their cooperation without chg the conditions. Is market a cost or investment? We communicate to our clients the ne to maintain a budget for online promotions.

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Once you find yourself in a new reality it becomes obvious that it is time to take action. Experience from previous recessions d market downturns suggests that in such situations the magement of most compies . Among other ths promotion budgets are be slash. I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I said Brazil Telegram Data we were fine. My of our clients are in pic mode or have put their co-work on hold because they don’t know what to expect next year. The first week of perment job pay disappear into a dead silence. By that time we had more th 1,000 employees d I had gone through the layoff list d realiz that now was not the time to grieve but rather to take action.

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They Don’t Work We Don’t Work What Past Crises Have Taught Us The Journal of the Academy of Market Science’s authoritative study of corporate behavior dur recessions Algeria Telegram Number List found that compies that maintain or increas their market budgets increas profits by 1% d increas market share by 1%.have . The problem is that my season entrepreneurs have never consider market as a cost item. This is investment. Your first task is to explain this to your clients. Also talk about the importce of online presence, the benefits of fast chnels d the tools that help them generate revenue d beat their competitors. Sooner or later this coma will pass d people will buy.

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