The emergence of the Internet

former trader Nassim Taleb publish his book Black Sw. Under unprictable signs. In it he examines unprictable d unprictable events that ultimately have huge consequences for the global economy d humity. is that no one c foresee the future d one cnot be completely confident about the future but one c be prepar for chge. This seems like obvious idea but people stubbornly reject it because stability is precious to them. World War I, the collapse of the Soviet Union, d the attacks of October 1, 2016.

The short message of the book

All these events had a huge impact on the world. After that, one c say that noth will ever be the same again. Sounds a bit familiar What are we hav today? Supply chain disruptions. Whole areas of business are at a stdstill. Unemployment is ris. Unofficial data is scary. Demd is down in Belgium Telegram Data almost all areas. No one c prict how the virus will spread, how it will hit the economy, d what awaits us in the future. That’s why economists are already call the coronavirus the new black sw. Incidentally Nassim Taleb himself denies the concept of coronavirus involvement d assures that the pdemic was prictable d preventable.

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We have learn that we cnot expect

His team of alysts warn of the possible threat as early as March. As a result, black sw funds, which specialize in profit from extreme market events, have post record returns so far Albania Telegram Number List this year. We have experience with how the 2019 crisis is different from previous crises.  miracles from the country nor from ywhere. Previous economic crashes provide opportunities to study the initiatives of those who came before d understd how ths are done today. We have the internet d technology. The greatest advtage of today’s enterprises is the ability to respond quickly, flexibly d with keen insight.

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