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is it fair to say that old backlinks are no longer as importt compar to newer backlinks? engine staff Well I don’t know why you Without ask the opposite question, are age-relat backlinks really more importt in the eyes of search engines? Is this certainly allow? Generally speak from SEO perspective your question shows that you are giv unreasonable attention to links. s concern. This is the first th. Secondly you should understd that we do not monitor the longevity of external links that closely. For us the development of the entire website is more importt.

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Let me explain. Let’s say you receiv a backlink from a news website to article post on your home page. This is very relevt material at the moment so outgo links from it are very valuable to us. However, news websites do not std still but continue to evolve. This mes that the article India Telegram Data mention will no longer appear on page one but on page two. Or even somewhere in the archives or in a section contain articles publish years ago.

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Clearly such content no longer has the same relevce. but the donation sites that are grow. Inde we must admit that this situation is more typical of consttly updat news sources. Share with our readers how importt backlinks with a history are for promot your website. Take control of your website Austria Telegram Number List promotion. Fix the bugs that are prevent your website from reach the top. You will see increase in traffic d revenue. Go to the website d subscribe to stay up to date with the latest news d fresh material. Post by Taras Cherkasky Tags or further read What parts of Google SEO External links Content Opinions News Agency News Comments Write a comment Max Klim Most of my links are outdat I have to keep buy new links.

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