A heavy page

It appears more frequently on the first page of search results but the length has no impact on first page rks. Researchers have yet to find a correlation between load spe d Google first page rk. Page size has noth to do with rk has just as much chce as a light page. The correlation between length d rk is very weak; shorter ones seem to have a slight advtage over longer ones. Schema markup is us regardless of top position. Sites with users stay longer th average rk higher on . Increas session time by three seconds corresponds to a rk increase of one spot.

Correlation does not me that one factor is the cause

Interest topic Top search results accord to Google Surprisly this is what Google itself studies Let us remember that this kind of research c only show the existence of a strong or weak link between correlation parameters.  of other; only interdependence between these factors c be assum. We Denmark Telegram Data divide all points into groups of factors. Let’s take a closer look us a chart. Results First Page Rk Factors Reference Content Technology Link Rk Factors  to rk higher Overall domain weight compos of links corresponds to a higher rk on the first page. Domain Authority d Rk Researchers have notic that the higher a website occupies, the higher its domain rk.

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Authoritative domains are more likely

Domain name authority d the overall weight of the website are more relevt to rks th the weight of a sle page. Researchers wt to know what was more importt: gett more backlinks Belgium Telegram Number List to a specific page or increas overall domain authority. It turns out that authority is relat to position on the first page of search results but not significtly. For example, the sixth-rk page has higher authority th the seventh to tenth pages. Domain rat but still doesn’t have as big of impact on rks as overall domain authority.

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