They only serve to wash the public image of governments

Huge hypocrisy that floods the media periodically. Demonstrate that along current paths we choose the opposite route to the one we enacted. This way of proceeding begins to seem to me like it makes us participate in those who come to denounce . The They only serve data speaks for itself. We pray to God, but with our sledgehammer of foolishness, we kill nature and our fellow human beings. So I leave you with this very illuminating news, which will be of no use, since a pandemic or a small war (read in this case the Russia-Ukraine soccer conflict) ruins everything we say and wish for the Planet, the sovereignties food and the future of our children.

From fishing and logging to using wild

Plants in medicines and perfumes, societies around the planet. Use species that have not been domesticated or cultivated. With an annual global legal and illegal trade of hundreds of billions of dollars . But as humans drive alarming Estonia WhatsApp Number List biodiversity loss, and climate change threatens to accelerate destruction. The UN’s scientific advisory panel for biodiversity, IPBES , called for “transformative changes” in our relationship with wild species . IPBES, which has previously warned that one million species are at risk of extinction, said stopping overexploitation.

Their report written by dozens

Experts and advisers and approved by member states, comes as the UN leads an international process to protect nature from human destruction in the coming decades. ” The use of wild species is absolutely crucial for humanity and nature ,” IPBES report co-chair Jean-Marc Fromentin told AFP, adding that it was a “key issue for food security.” UN experts Ecuador WhatsApp Number List estimate that ” about percent of humanity” depends in some way on wild species , he said: “It’s a lot bigger than you think.” – Food and fuel – Overall, , species are used for food, energy, medicine, materials and other purposes around the world, according to the report, with more than , different types harvested for human consumption.

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