Preserve soil biodiversity to maintain healthy soils

This post only has the purpose of offering you teaching resources for certain materials, such as in this case the IUCN or International Union for Preserve soil biodiversity the Conservation of Nature . These types of institutions have the habit of presenting certain content on the Internet and then changing its URL to make it difficult, involuntarily, to rescue you again. And this is the case when you click on the link. In any case, its content is clear and concise. I have searched for the original graphics, which were in English in another document that you can download by clicking on the “IUCN Source” under the images. There is too much information of this type, often repetitive.

I have the impression that in this

Type of books, documents, Web pages, etc., the most spectacular figures are usually added with a view to impressing the reader and thus drawing Latvia WhatsApp Number List public attention to the subject. This is not about criticizing the IUCN since all institutions use the same strategy. In any case, I do not wish to point out that the contents are objectionable. It happens in all areas. This entry only attempts to offer you teaching material, so I will not go into further criticism . Thus you rest from my repetitive. I hope it is of interest to those long-suffering readers of the blog who dedicate themselves to teaching children and adolescents. Juan José Ibáñez Continue.

Current land degradation  mainly due

Intensive agricultural production fueled by chemicals , is causing the loss of soil biodiversity, undermining the services provided by healthy soils . • Governments should establish policies and laws, and promote land management practices that restore or preserve soil biodiversity . What is the problem? ; Because it is important? ; What can France WhatsApp Number List be done? What is the problem? The health of soils depends on the mix of living organisms they contain, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, insects, worms, other invertebrates and vertebrates. This variety of organisms present in soils is known as soil biodiversity. Soil biodiversity drives the carbon, nitrogen and water cycles on which life on earth depends.

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