Wildlife in the Age of Globalization

Today we show you two versions of the same news. Whose origin you can read in the notes translated from Swahili to Spanish. Castilian that we show you below. It begins to seem hard, very hard, to continue reading the good intentions of International Organizations. Compare them with the very harsh reality that we receive daily about the disastrous state of. The Planet through the mass media. I’m very serious because it hurts, it hurts a lot and one day I will close this digital kiosk. The scientific news in question deals with a report on the state of biodiversity in the world and its importance for the survival and future of humanity . More specifically, in this case, there is much talk about the value of wildlife.

Urbanites do not realize that many of

The products they consume, including drugs, staying healthy and “handsome” and countless others, both transcendent and inconsequential, would not be available to them because they come from wild organisms. Its extinction or overexploitation Germany WhatsApp Number List puts a significant percentage of the world’s population at risk. It is not exclusively about the impact of climate change on the so-called ecosystem services, but about the wide range of benefits that we enjoy thanks to this wildlife, although really the only savages are us, and especially those of us who live in countries of opulence. and we set the pace of economic globalization converted into slavery under neoliberal doctrines.

The enormous sadness, indignation or anger

Depending on the mood with which I wake up on a specific day, derive from comparing social and environmental needs with the harsh reality in which we find ourselves immersed. International organizations bring us “experts” together with Croatia WhatsApp Number List a view to alerting the world of the state of degradation of the Planet and the majority of its inhabitants. Scholars that we are, we expand and tear our clothes, until the next meeting in the same way, to which we would like to be invited again because of our egos. However, the drama lasts for decades and decades. Since the conservationist spirit was awakened in my youth, until today, there has been no truce.

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