When land degrades it loses its soil biodiversity

Which takes hundreds of years to form, can be easily eroded by wind and water. When soil biodiversity is lost, causing the land to produce less food. Store less water, and release carbon into the atmosphere. About a third of the world’s land has. When land degrades already been degraded, and two-thirds of this degradation is attributed to the agricultural. Sector, particularly intensive agricultural production fueled by chemicals. According to the Assessment. Report on Land Degradation and Restoration , prepared by the Intergovernmental. Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), land degradation is currently undermining. The well-being of at least billion people. people, and represents. An economic loss of % of the annual gross world product.

The Food and Agriculture Organization

Estimated that, based on current trajectories, the world only has crops left. back to the start Because it is important ? Globally, it has been estimated that soil biodiversity contributes between. US$ and trillion annually to the value of ecosystem services : the Argentina WhatsApp Number List goods and services provided by healthy ecosystems. Including the provision of food, hydrological services and climate regulation. Food and water security Soil organisms regulate nutrient availability and nutrient uptake by plants, maintain soil structure, and regulate hydrological processes. Loss of healthy soils reduces.

Research in Argentina India

West African Sahel has also found that crop yields can be increase by¬† and. Corn with each kg/ha increase in soil organic carbon around plant roots . Soil stores two-thirds of the fresh water on the planet, and this function is dete by the level of organic matter in the soil . This soil water supports % of the Guatemala WhatsApp Number List world’s agricultural production. The loss of soil biodiversity reduces the infiltration capacity of the soil, as well as its capacity to store water , decreasing food production and worsening the impact of drought. By , it is estimated that billion people will live in water-stres conditions.

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