The highly polished design had an easy user

Interface and attractive screen. The power after and speed were revised to meet the customer requirements. iPhone C iPhone C was released in with a plastic body. It offered a wide range of colored cases and contrasting designs. Hence, the color added a fun element. It had a solid performance along with a playful approach. Was also released in It left behind the home button and incorporatedĀ  This ID could be used to unlock the phone as well as for authentication of any purchases from the App Store. It has simplest elements be it in terms of beauty or power models iPhone This phone was released.

It had iOS and GB storage capacity

It has a better design, display, and UI than the previous models. IPhone Plus iPhone Plus had similar features as the previous one but with a bigger screen. This model was also released in with a -inch screen that had x resolution. It had a bigger Australia WhatsApp Number List battery and display too. iPhone S This model was released in However, there were no changes in the visual design of the iPhone The main difference was that it had an aluminum body. Thus, it ensured better performance. Some additional features of the model were D touch, better battery life, enhanced camera, live photos, and K video capture.

iPhone S Plus The model, released in

A strong body. It had a -inch display and a resolution of x Besides, it had an A chip. It had a good battery life and an extraordinary camera. iPhone SE This model was launched in It shifted back to the iPhone model. It offered a smaller, cheaperĀ Belarus WhatsApp Number List yet powerful model. This model had an A chip. Besides, it had the latest camera too. The screen was -inch with a resolution of x pixels. iPhone Released in , this model has an A chip. The new feature was waterproof. The model introduced JetBlack color in both glossy and matte finish.

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