The model removed the audio jack

Fun Fact: TIME considers iPhone one among the most influential gadgets of all time! iPhone Plus This gadget entered the market in with the major feature: twin rear cameras. The well-built gadget had a portrait feature and x optical zoom. Though the device was big, it had good power and battery life. iPhone This model was released in It had True Tone Technology. The model had a glass body. Besides, it had expanded the storage capacity. The processor had an A chip. Further, it had wireless charging too. It ensured smooth operation and was compatible with. It had equipped itself with the latest features with minimal upgrades this model had similar features to the iPhone However, the iPhone Plus provided a faster experience.

It had improved cameras and

The model appeal to the masses with its upgrad features. iPhone X On the th anniversary of the iPhone, this model was release in It had an and minimize bezels. Thereby it became a trendsetter. The model remove UK WhatsApp Number List the home button. It had a stunning screen, edge-to-edge approach, and polis stainless steel body. iPhone XR iPhone XR was launch in It had an aluminum frame. It had a single camera. Besides, it has an LCD. The key takeaways of XR were its power, camera, display, and color theme.

IPhone XS Launched in , iPhone XS

Provisioned dual sims. It had improvised cameras. The processor has A Bionic chip. It had a storage capacity of up to GB. The model had extended battery life. The new Gold finish of the model appealed to the masses. It provides faster UX. iPhone XS Max Launched in , iPhone XS Max was bigger than iPhone X. This model improvised the features of Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List the iPhone XS and incorporated them into it. Thus, though the model was larger and expensive, it offered the best package for its customers. It provides an effortless user experience. Fun Fact: In the years, iPhones were release! iPhone iPhone had the same.

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