On the other hand web developers

Create codes for the concept of the designer. They program it and convert the design to a website for the end-user. A developer writes scripts for the design using languages such as PHP and ASP. Besides, he is responsible for the database maintenance of On the other the dynamic website. The same person can be involved in web development and designing. However, one can choose to be only a designer or a developer according to their preferences. Basic Technologies web dev technologies The basic technologies used in web development are CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

HTML It serves as the basic framework of

Any given web page. HTML is the foundation upon which others rely. It is like a skeleton of a body. HTML includes page layout and other formatting options. However, it can not function without CSS and JavaScript. CSS It is employed to provideĀ Italy WhatsApp Number List the style to the content. It contains files that are applied across the website. By editing a single file in CSS, one can ensure consistent changes in the entire website. JavaScript It ensures the interactivity of the elements found in a website. This programming language enables animations, alter the appearances, drop-down menus, etc. Web Development- Layers web dev layers The development process has layers, viz. Frontend, Backend, Full Stack. Frontend Development This uses the basic technologies.

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HTML CSS and JavaScript

It not only converts the information into a graphical interface but also ensures easy interaction for the end-users. In other words, the colors, buttons, content (textual and pictorial) that one sees and interacts with within a website forms the frontend. This forms the client-side of the website. Backend Development The user cannot see the backendĀ Belgium WhatsApp Number List part of the website. This backend makes the website functional. Thus, we can say that it acts as a backbone for the website. The developers not only store but also organize the data here. It is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the front-end. This server-side of the website receives data from the user. Further, it sends back data to the front-end. Thus it ensures interaction between the user and front-end with effective handling of the requests.

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