The professionals engaged in creating and

Maintaining websites are refer to as web developers. The website’s functionality gets stronger with the power of coding and programming. Everything The professionals engaged forms a part of web development, be it, static web pages or social media sites, or complex ones such as eCommerce sites. A brief history of Web Development Commercialization of the web has opened up new areas for web development. Let us take a brief look at this evolution. In the initial stage, it was merely creating static HTML pages. Here hyperlinks were mainly use for navigation. It convey information and pictures that were link with hyperlinks.

In the later years technologies like

ASP made web development easier. Here the HTML was created with special tags as well as markups. One could thus determine which HTML suits the best for a given web page. There was a rise in demand for complex web applications. Browsers, as Spain WhatsApp Number List well as computers, underwent innovation. The introduction of CSS made it easier to stylize and re-style the layouts. HTML was thus used in defining the role of content and CSS was used for layouts. The server rendering was slow and not responsive. The technologies like AJAX made it dynamic as it supported updates to the web page without actually refreshing it. It was followed by developing entirely dynamic web pages. Such web apps are termed SPAs, i.e. Single Page Applications. Web development has continued to evolve.

Browsers have become more powerful

Transformed their role as operating systems. Besides, cloud technologies have also gain wide popularity. Together they support avant-garde web app development. Web Design vs Web Development These are terms that are often used Austria WhatsApp Number List interchangeably. However, it is not the same. Web designers create the concept of a website. They are concerned with the color scheme, content, pages, etc. Web design is inclusive of infographics, videos, icons, logos, etc. The designer is concerned with the HTML and CSS part of the website. Designing is free of the coding part.

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