In agriculture RFID tags enable efficient

Management of crops, irrigation, and fertilization processes. RFID tags serve as versatile and indispensable tools across various industries In agriculture RFID and applications. From supply chain management to retail, access control, and animal tracking, their impact is far-reaching. In the context of FASTag, RFID tags play a pivotal role in revolutionizing toll collection, exemplifying their efficiency, convenience, and potential for transforming traditional systems. Understanding the major uses of RFID tags allows us to appreciate their significance in modern technology-driven environments. FASTag and the significance of colors FASTag and the significance of colors The government has issue different colors of FASTag.

Violet for car jeep and vans Orange for minibus

Light commercial vehicles Green for axle buses and trucks Yellow for axle buses and trucks Pink for buses and trucks with , , or axles Sky blue for In agriculture RFID vehicles with or Sweden WhatsApp Number Data more axles Black for heavy construction machinery and earthmoving equipment How does FASTag work? Two main components of RFID technology are the tag and the scanner. The scanner scans the tag on the vehicle as soon as it enters the lane. Chip and antenna help in determining the toll fare of the vehicle.

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The chip provides the details

The vehicle such as vehicle class, weight, registration number, wheelbase, and FASTag ID. Before understanding the further process, let us understand some terms: Morocco WhatsApp Number List acquirer  bank, issuer bank, and NETC Mapper. The acquirer bank is nothing but the bank that works on behalf of the receiver or the merchant. Similarly, the bank that works on behalf of the car owner is the issuer bank. NETC Mapper is a FASTag library. It is the database that holds information of all the FASTag issue.

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