How does FASTag work The process The toll plaza

System receives the information collected through the scanner. The acquirers’ bank further receives these details. The bank verifies the details in the NETC Mapper and ensures that FASTag is valid. Furthermore, the acquirer bank calculates the toll amount and sends a request to NETC Mapper. NETC Mapper sends debit requests to the issuer bank. Issuer banks deduct the amount from the car owner’s account linked. It sends an alert to the NETC Mapper. NETC Mapper sends information to the acquirer bank.

Acquire bank notifies toll plaza system

Successful transaction. Boom barrier opens and the vehicle crosses the toll plaza. Features Fastag Features SMS alerts: Get SMS alerts to your registered mobile Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data number for all your transactions. Online Recharge: Top-up your tag balance through credit Internet banking facilities. Web Portals: Access the transaction statement through the web portals. Multiple ways to purchase: Online Purchase: You can apply for your tag online. Once the form is submitted successfully, the RFID tag will be delivered to your house.

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Toll Plaza: Complete your KYC and vehicle

Registration documents at a toll plaza physically. You will get the tag instantly. Banks: Go to the partner banks and get your tag by completing the formalities. Benefits No congestion: The electronic payment has resulted in seamless traffic at the toll plazas. Save time: Cut down waiting in Nigeria WhatsApp Number List the queues and save your precious time. Save fuel: Not only are you saving the fuel but also the cost with the elimination of queues. Go cashless: Experience hassle-free travel with electronic payments. You need not worry about keeping the exact amount or running out of cash.

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