Firstly computers were extremely

Expensive at that point of time. Secondly, the monthly expenditure needed to harness one was around $, a month. Therefore, only renowned institutes possessed these machines Firstly computers were for research purposes only. He further went on to answer this question in the affirmative. He set the vision and goal of AI in: His paper on “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” () And in his subsequent Turing Test The research proved successful after years. The implementation of Turning’s theory into an experiment proved his point.

Three scientists  Allen Newell

Cliff Shaw, and Herbert Simon, used Turing theory in their own “Logic Theorist” paper. Here the scientists developed a program. This program replicated the problem solving skills of humans. This  Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data also be called the first step towards machine and deep learning. You can learn more about these learning programs from here. And that’s how it progressed. What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Artificial Intelligence Probably you got a notion about AI from Turning’s question itself.

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AI is all about making machines mimic

Human beings. Especially human behaviors like: Thinking Reasoning Problem solving Learning Analyzing and much more Therefore, AI is nothing but teaching machines to perform tasks Greece WhatsApp Number List with intelligence similar to humans. Furthermore, artificial intelligence has five subsets. These subsets are categorized based upon the type of human behavior they mimic. They are listed below: Machine Learning – Training computers to solve problems like humans Deep Learning.

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