Creating a technology which replicates

The functionality of the human mind Neural Networks – Studying neurons in the human brain and creating an exact replica of network which is then Creating a technology used in machines for automation Computer Vision – Labeling and classifying data for better recognition and problem solving Robotics – Developing automated robots who can walk, talk and act like human beings by combining the above subsets Types of Artificial Intelligence Now that we have discussed the parts of AI, let’s discuss some of its types. As a matter of fact there are three types of AI.

These types are based on their

Intensity to function like human beings. So let’s have a look at them. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) – We also know ANI as narrow or weak AI. The name says it all. ANI has a lower range of performing capacities. Furthermore, it doesn’t replicate human intelligence. Rather it India WhatsApp Number Data can perform tasks in a limited range like a human. Some of the functions it can perform are facial recognition, speech recognition, natural language earning, etc. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – Scientists are yet to bring this concept into reality. We also know AGI as strong or deep AI. Here machines have the power to replicate human intelligence and behavior.

AGI allows machines to learn

Automatically and use intelligence for problem solving. Furthermore, it allows machines to think and act like humans in any given situation. The main target Iceland WhatsApp Number List of AGI is to train machines to understand human emotions better. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) – Well most people will call this concept a fantasy. It is more like a hypothesis than a reality. ASI tends to surpass human intelligence and behavior. In other words, it allows machines to gain superiority over humans.

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