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My experts claim to prefer content that completely covers the entire topic on one page. This includes, for example, detail guide muals d reviews. ResearchersDecid to test whether this feature is relat to first page rk.  alysis d found a correlation between content comprehensiveness d rks. Available on both desktop d mobile devices. The impact of content length on rks Content score increases by one point for each position closer to the top of the search results when view the previous result. It seems like long-form content that fully explores the topic d is relevt to the audience wins. But we c’t confidently say that the reason for the high rk is the completeness of the topic.

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Maybe Google has metrics specifically for this type of content. Maybe longer content would better serve the nes of users. The study look at correlation rather th causation. Content Iran Telegram Data length does not affect rks The previous point mes that content length does affect rks. The longer the material, the better. The research we’ve already mention shows that longer content attracts more backlinks th shorter blog posts. Long Text.

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Gets More Links In this work they found that Google prefers long content. on the first page of results is. Please note that the researchers us English sources but we are definitely talk about long posts. Although long-form content tends to get more links researchers have yet to find a direct link between Benin Telegram Number List word count d first page rk. Content Length on the Front Page Since the study only show a why long-form content was more likely to appear on the first page. Longer articles c get more links, contain more keywords, be more detail d more relevt to users, mak it easier for long-form content to rk on the first page of search results.

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