Where are the cutoff points

They do not mention anything in their definition on the subject of the rise and fall of the seasonal, annual water level and according to the Where are the humidity-drought cycles. What happens when they are contaminated or eutrophicated? Isn’t its structure and the aforementioned functionalities altered? As we reiterate in various posts of the aforementioned basic course, scientific. Concepts are nothing more than abstractions of reality. So they do not cover all natural complexity . Generally, over time, a consensus is reached that will be debated through. Conjectures and refutations until it is replaced by another, as numerous anomalies accumulate. And in this continuum of sizes, structures, etc., it should be noted that defining a specific body of water would require making cuts in order to also specify and define the rest of them .

This is a task that the authors of the

Study do not seem to perform. And what about the hydric soils that make up part of the ponds. Which vary according to the pedological classification used? In my opinion, this study only has the value of opening a debate about small bodies of water Sweden WhatsApp Number List drawing attention to the lack of studies on the subject , if that is the case (the literature they cite does not exactly support that the matter was not discussed beforehand, far from it). They also recognize that more research is necessary to clarify and specify its definition. That is, they demand attention and financing, which in the world of technoscience amounts to the same thing .

Below I leave you abundant material from

Our previous posts, so that you understand the leap into the intellectual void that the authors carry out. Tremendous!. Juan José Ibáñez Keep going What is a pond? Study provides first data-driven definition by Staff Writers; Ithaca. Almost everyone can identify a pond, but what exactly distinguishes it from a lake Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List or wetland. A new study co-led by Cornell University offers the first data-driven functional definition of a pond and evidence for the distinctive ecological function of ponds. Which could have broad implications for science and policy. The lack of a universal definition of a pond causes a lot of confusion, from people wondering about the difference between a pond and a lake, to aquatic. Monitoring programs with different definitions across government agencies, to even accurately modeling global budgets of carbon.

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