When plants evolved from aquatic

One of the challenges that made this dramatic transition particularly difficult were fungi : «It is estimated that million years ago, fungi crawled. When plants evolved on the Earth’s surface in search of food and most likely found it in dead algae washed up from the sea. So if you, as a new plant, were going to establish yourself in soil. The first thing you found was a fungus that would eat you , you needed some kind of defense mechanism. Says Mads Eggert Nielsen, a biologist at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. From the University of Copenhagen. According to Mads Eggert Nielsen and his fellow researchers from the Department of Plant and Environmental.

We found that if we knock out these two

Genes in our model plant thale cress (Arabidopsis), we open the door for pathogenic fungi to penetrate. We discovered that they are essential for forming this cell wall-like plug that defends against fungi. Interestingly, it appears to be a universal defense mechanism found in all land plants ,” says Mads Eggert Nielsen, lead author of the study, which Poland WhatsApp Number List is published in the journal eLife. Originated in a million-year-old plant The research team has tested the same function in the liverwort, a direct descendant of one of the first land plants on Earth . By taking the two corresponding genes in the liverwort and inserting them into thale cress.

We believe that this gene family arose

The sole purpose of managing this defense mechanism and has therefore been. One of the bases for plants to establish themselves on land. Says Mads Eggert Nielsen. Symbiosis between plants and fungi While fungi represented an obstacle for plants in their transition from a marine stage of algae to becoming terrestrial plants, they were also a Qatar WhatsApp Number List prerequisite . As soon as the plants were able to survive the attacks of the fungi that sought to eat them in the soil, the next problem they faced was finding nutrients , explains Mads Eggert Nielsen: Dissolved nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are easily accessible by plants in aquatic environments .

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