The Terrestrial Invasion of Plants: Good Mushrooms

In our category “ History of the Earth and Soils  we have been locating. The posts related to the origin and genesis of the Strictly speaking, terrestrial soils would not exist if life had not invaded the emerged lands. After all, they are a The Terrestrial Invasion product of the interaction between the lithosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and life. The problem is still valid years after I wrote an article with what was already known until ! That publication, in fact, was written at the end of the s of the last century: “ Soils and global change. A historical-thermodynamic approach ”. I have not read many news items with solid and corroborated evidence from those years. Since then it has rained a lot. It is debated, it is discussed, it is speculated, but there is no contribution that would revolutionize what was previously known .

I have written posts like the following

What if Life originated on land instead of the sea? ; (ii) The formation of the first terrestrial soils: When fungi invaded the emerged land and evolution through cooperation , among others. In my contributions I did not place much emphasis on fungi, since they live on the Thailand WhatsApp Number List left behind by the biomass when it “passes on to a better life.” I could not  understand that organisms that feed on living matter appeared before life itself, etc. However, for some time now it has also been conjectured that perhaps it was not exactly like that: perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! However, some scientists argue that life was born on land, not in the oceans . There is something for everyone, as happens when we glimpse more mists than clear landscapes before our eyes.

I have not been publicizing the few press

Releases that have been reaching me for years. Today we are going to make an exception based on a press release. Whose title translated into Spanish would be “ How plants colonized the earth. And here molecular biologists come in with other. Types of speculations. The press release seems very childish to me and written with an Élan vital typical of the vitalism that the philosopher Henri Bergson defended a century ago . Such vitalism makes me Paraguay WhatsApp Number List nauseous , because it grants life, almost consciousness and purpose, to any natural object, whether living or inanimate. As you will see, the press release that.

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