Since we can find anything and everything

With just a single touch! Ever opened Google Maps to find near-by food junctions? Or to find a location you want to travel to? Have you ever Since we can wondered what technology Google uses to do that? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s nothing but a Global Positioning System which we often refer to as GPS! But have you wondered what it is? GPS refers to a satellite navigation system which allows to track the ground position of an object. Originally, this technology belonged to the US. The original Navstar project was started in by the US Department of Defense.

The system was used by the military until

When civilians got access to it! However, in the current era, India too has launched its own navigation system called  The acronym stands for NAVigation Canada WhatsApp Number Data with Indian Constellation. Designed by ISRO, the system will only provide accurate positioning in and around the Indian subcontinent. But how does this system work? Let’s discuss that in the following section! How does a GPS tracker work? How does a GPS tracker work Now there is a common query about GPS.

Does it need an internet connection to work

Well, the answer is a big no. It can work independently but with an internet connection it will work more efficiently. And with the development of G why do we need to think about it at all! What are the parts of GPS? Now coming to the various parts of Australia WhatsApp Number List this network. Simply put, it comes in three parts: Satellites – These act as the pole star. Around satellites are distributed in orbital planes. Ground Stations – The ground stations usually track and manage the satellites from the surface of the Earth.

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