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The chances of toll theft and GST dodging. The plan is likely to be implemented within the upcoming year after FASTags the administrations Not only so it makes it compulsory for every vehicle to own a FASTag. Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport and Highways Minister of India, on Thursday, said that every new vehicle should have a FASTag fitted in it, while older vehicles will be given free cards. Moreover, he also assured the Lok Sabha that: “…within one year all physical toll booths in the country will be removed. It means that toll collection will happen via GPS.

The money will be collected based on

GPS imaging (on vehicles).” The reason behind this comment was that while % of the vehicle use a FASTag for paying at tolls, % of them, in USA WhatsApp Number Data spite of paying double toll (which was made mandatory on February  are yet to adopt this practice. But a question still arises… The minister during the question hour, left a question still hanging on our heads. That is, once the toll system moves to GPS-based ones, then vehicles need to get modules fitted in them. Not only so, the location data collected from the modules needs to be shared with designated authorities. Many cars have installed modules.

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Furthermore our smartphones can

Also act as a module. But these devices may not deliver our real-time data to the officials. And in that case the administration needs to request service providers to grant them access. Too much GPS, right? But what is it anyway? How will it track our Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List locations? And will it disrupt our privacy? Now we have answers to all those questions of yours. And if you are interested in getting them then simply continue reading! GPS – What does Global Positioning System actually mean? What does Global Positioning System actually mean We do hope that you still don’t follow the pole star to reach your destination.

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