What are the Seller Benefits of LazCoin

LazCoins is a reward system intended to provide additional engagement for Lazada customers. This is an incentive for loyal people to use the Lazada platform.

Even though customers become beneficiaries of LazCoins, sellers participating in this campaign are also rewarded as we will talk about in the paragraphs below.

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LazCoins Frequently Asked Questions
There are three ways customers can earn coins which are:

Mission Center
Post Purchase
The Mission Center can be accessed on the Lazada mobile app.

What are the Seller Benefits of LazCoin?

They just need to click on the My Coins section.

They will earn coins by harvesting strawberries. Customers can click the “water drop” icon to water their plants. After that, they can come back after 8 hours when the strawberries are ready to be harvested. When they harvest their crops, it will be converted to LazCoins.

What are the Seller Benefits of LazCoin?

They can also click on the fertilizer icon to harvest crops an hour earlier.

Another way for them to earn phone number list coins is by completing various missions. They get 50 coins when they make a purchase that meets the minimum fee (the minimum fee depends on the market). They will also receive additional coins when they follow stores, redeem coins and watch live streams.

These missions are refreshed daily so they get a chance to earn more coins.

They can also go to LazGame to earn coins.

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Customers get coins just for being in the game every day. Additional coins will also be rewarded every time they win or complete your tasks in the game. LazCoins can be used to redeem vouchers and it’s free.

What are the Seller Benefits of LazCoin?

To redeem their rewards, they can EUE Mail List return to the mission center again and search for Sponsored Rewards. After that, they can click More Rewards.

From there, they can choose between rewards and vouchers to redeem their coins. Prizes will be sent to the address provided free of charge.

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