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The average length of the previous results was characters. Of course Google doesn’t count character counts d the reason short URLs are prioritiz is most likely other study show short orgic click-through rates are slightly higher. Short URLs c help understd the content of your page more easily th some blog posts. Pages that are shorter usually have closer proximity to each other. Home Pages Stronger Category . Long is more common on pages that require more clicks to reach d are generally less efficient links. It’s impossible to say yth definitively but accord to research shorter URLs are better. If you have the ability to make someth simple d natural then it is best to do so.

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The presence of tags does not affect rks within the first page It is believ that tags give search engines a better understd of the type of content on the page. My people install schema markup to increase their chces of appear in featur snippets. The researchers found that only sites on the Italy Telegram Data homepage us . Accord to alytics the presence of tags has no bear on rk in Google results. How it affects rks . It serves a different purpose so don’t give up on it. But this won’t help you rk higher in Google. Read the topic How to Implement Microdata.

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Mark on Your Website What It Provides  on site d rks It is believ that Google uses behavioral factors as rk signals. These include bounce rates, clicks on session time segments Brazil Telegram Number List on the site, d other factors relat to audience behavior. How my times c a website fail? To test this, the researchers measur the time users spent on a sample website d look to see if there was a correlation between time on site d Google first page rk.

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