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Companies have come up with many solutions. Let’s take a deeper insight into all of them! Fleet Monitoring and Management System Now when it comes to supply chain and logistics, fleet management and tracking becomes a major issue. Besides, tracking a large fleet becomes a problem when it comes to monitoring them remotely. Moreover, this can lead to increase in fuel costs, delayed deliveries and at the end degrading customer experience. But with a fleet management system you can manage all of this and more. Fleet Monitoring and Management System The system can be integrated with existing IoT sensors and dash cameras for effective monitoring and diagnostics. Apart from that you can get the real time location along with accurate Turn-around Time (TAT) with GPS sensors.

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Thousand from accidents. Furthermore, a forecast of % reduction in vehicle idling is witnessed too! Features: GPS fleet tracking Fuel management and predictive maintenance Trailer tracking Reefer monitoring and cold chain management Routing and dispatch management Documentation and order management Route planning Brazil WhatsApp Number List compliant Benefits: Maximizes vehicle uptime Reduces fleet maintenance costs Real-time visibility Automatic ETA alerts and route alerts Improved route performance Smoothens driver communication Monitor driver performance Enhances driver safety Reduces fuel costs Stores and analyzes all documentations from a single system Industrial equipment monitoring Premise Monitoring System Monitoring premises becomes a primary security and safety protocol for most of the industries. Moreover, it is quite difficult to monitor a large premise with limited manpower.

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On your pockets. Hence, the best and cost-effective solution is a cloud-based premise monitoring system. This industrial monitoring system is an intelligent video analytics solution which combines advanced search features, smart detection New Zealand WhatsApp Number List tools and security camera integration to provide optimization as well as improved safety. Premise Monitoring System Major industries are using this technology. Starting from manufacturing to retail, each sector has given positive feedback due to the rise in their productivity along with security as well as safety.

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