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Check how we can help you with this. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you We recommend How strong is your brand’s communication strategy? An example of a step-by-step PESTEL analysis The PESTEL analysis requires a separate look at all the factors that are the subject of its study, the determination of the status quo and current trends. Questions the company should answer include: what changes should be expecte and when. Can the company identify the driving forces that will bring about these changes.

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What are the opportunities and threats to the company’s business, for example in terms of demand or market behavior of customers, suppliers phone number list and competitors? Each teste element should be broken down into “prime factors”. This is the only way to ensure that the company will be able to develop practical strategies and action plans. The PESTEL analysis is a process that consists of 5 key steps. It is worth starting with the first component in the PESTEL analysis, which is the political factor. 2. The task of the company is to find or identify trends that may potentially affect the organization in relation to these conditions.

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The whole team should discuss and discuss the possible consequences for the company (brainstorming is highly recommende here. 4Findings should be recorde as strategic hypotheses. Each subsequent component of the PESTEL analysis EU Email List should be handle in the same way as in points 2 – 4. The PESTEL analysis is a process that should be repeate cyclically every six months. What happens to the strategic hypotheses formulate in step 4? The company can use them to build a strategy map, it must transform the findings into strategic goals. It is important to understand the cause and effect relationship between them. Quantify them using leading and lagging indicators. Finally, it remains to develop an action plan.

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