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Your cameras from this solution. Moreover, get clear and live insights of the events occurring in and around your premises. Get clear focus on unsafe practices – Whether your employees are not wearing proper safety equipment or are too close to a dangerous area, locate them easily to take better actions. The system allows you to set a perimeter and customize detection which allows you to get alerts instantly. Get reports on unsafe practices – The system automatically notes the count of unsafe practices carried on by each of your employees.

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A detailed overview of the number of times a worker needs to be penalized based on the unsafe measures carried on by him or her. What events does Korea WhatsApp Number Data this artificial intelligence system detect? Here is a list of all. The events that you can monitor and get notified about with the help of this solution: Intrusion around machinery Face mask and PPE detection Social distancing maintenance Direction violation Toll booth safety Illegal parking detection Smoke and fire detection Process Optimization and Quality Checks This solution still happens to be one of the most used solutions in the manufacturing industry.

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Helps to streamline the production process but it also makes sure that each product created has the best quality. Let’s check out what it provides! What will you get from the Artificial Intelligence SOP and Quality assurance solution? Quality inspection – With the help Mexico WhatsApp Number List of pattern recognition technology the system detects whether a product is damaged or not. On detecting a damaged product, the system disposes it immediately. Product Packaging Line Optimization – Product packaging holds a prime importance in the line of production.

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