Philippines Logistics Provider For Ecommerce

Managing the logistics model can be a tedious task especially when you enter into cross-border/overseas trade. Finding a logistics partner in a suitable standard is very important for you to simplify your supply chain model and optimize your inventory model. In this post, we compiled a list of the most reliable Philippines logistics partners that online sellers can refer to when deciding on a logistics company.

Wide Service Area Coverage Always think about your logistics partners in terms of area coverage. For potential customers who live in the province, some of the products they want to buy are not available in the nearest malls and stores. With that said, their second alternative is a top store on Shopee. In order to maintain a competitive position against other sellers, it is important for your logistics partner to be able to provide services to a wider coverage area that is not limited to major cities.

Extensive Warehouse Network And Delivery Modes

If you are a cross-border or a Service by Shopee (SBS) seller, partnering with a logistics company that has an database extensive network of warehouses will allow you to ship and deliver products faster to areas that are not in Metro Manila.

If you have a customer from Bulacan, your logistics partner will be able to assign a pickup team around this area to pick up goods from the Bulacan warehouse and then successfully deliver the goods to the customer more quickly.

Leading 3PL Service


3PL services that lack depth will usually offer affordable prices but they are also prone to mismanagement when it comes to providing sound supply chain activities.

Leading 3PLs who have established a substantial business will be able to execute the core competencies of your logistics model while you focus solely on your business’s core operations. Latest Management EUE Mail List┬áSystem Having a logistics partner with the latest management system means that you and your customers will be able to get real-time data when it comes to shipping and product delivery. It will also help you monitor if there are inefficiencies in product delivery or if there are problems with customer returns .

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