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To That Of A Chimpanzee

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To That Of A Chimpanzee

The announcement raises the advantages of Alexa and the impact that AI would have being more invasive. Alexa manag to enter Scarlett Johansson’s mind and decipher one of her greatest wishes. To see the 2022 Super Bowl on February 13. At least that’s how the new spot that is positioning itself among the season’s favorites for Internet users exposes it. Amazon’s new commercial will be televise during the biggest football game of the year and the most popular in the world.

My dream job. The soap bubble artist Two great international celebrities are . The focus of this spot and are generating the reaction that the brand expect among sports and movie fans. It’s about the one and only Scarlett Johansson and her husban.  Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Jost. In a small clip, the celebrities comically show all the functionalities that they benefit from daily at home with the digital assistant Alexa. Which is present as the best “ ‘Mind reader”.

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The creative Slovenia phone number has given much to talk about in the advertising field. Since what is shown by Amazon is a reality that both brands and consumers have known for a long time and of . Which many users highlight “with fear” the benefits of having an orientation completely tailor to your tastes and needs. Here the announcement. Alexa y Scarlett Johansson . The spot shows Scarlett Johansson and.  Colin Jost in a family routine inside their home and with common activities while Alexa.

Slovenia phone number list

Begins to guess what they are thinking and. Little by little, both look at each other strangely, agreeing on . What the Amazon electronic device seems to recommend them. From there you can see a series of scenes in which the famous device predicts everything they will need throughout their day.  As if Alexa knew step by step what they would do better than them. In 60 seconds, Amazon blows the minds of the audience, revealing “the innermost thoughts” of its characters. Of Features That Bring.

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Alexa expresses what Jost really thinks about Scarlett’s morning breath. But in the moment this turns into a terrifying hallucination that the wife fails to see and a real feeling of technological control. Another aspect that can be thought of as an advance is the moment when . Alexa is reading the minds of the owners of the house and automatically orders more toilet paper. Or turns on the lights when they need it and without being ask. Scarlett Johansson and her.

Husband use this “perk” to get ready for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Asking Alexa to get the house ready to stream the football game on Prime Video. Closing the blinds and chilling the rosé wine they have at home. Meaning behind the spot In a few seconds. Amazon put on the table a discussion that has been controversial for years. The use of intrusive Artificial Intelligence and when it goes beyond voice assistance.

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