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The Third Short Video War Begins Bahrain Phone Number

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The Third Short Video War Begins Bahrain Phone Number

Weibo continue to cooperate in depth to protect the complete channel of Bahrain Phone Number “social + short video”;  has become a star of , but the growth ceiling is also approaching; Tencent keeps launching short video products, while internal horse racing, while with today’s Headline horse racing. The third short video battle is imminent, who will have the last laugh? If acquisition, financing, and listing are the keywords in the first half of the Internet circle in 2018. Then in the second half of the year, the atmosphere of the entire Internet circle is slightly desert.

Obvious Commercial Advantages Bahrain Phone Number

Tencent’s organizational structure adjustment is consider to be one of the few major events in the second half of the overall weak period that can arouse public debate. It established a platform and content business group (PCG) to snipe the headlines. After all, short video products broke through Tencent’s monopoly on user time. A brief history of the development of short videos can be said to have gone through three major wars so far. The first battle was started by ,Bahrain Phone Number but after the success of WeChat, Tencent strategically abandoned Tencent Weibo and , which was also regarded by the industry as one of Tencent’s major mistakes.

Today’s Headlines Are Lost to the East Bahrain Phone Number

Bahrain Phone Number

Seized the entrance of star bonus and Weibo, and developed rapidly. During the same period,  digs deep into users’ pursuit of beauty, and breaks through by appearance. The second world war was mark by  encircling the city from the countryside and  killing the dark horse of . Barbaric growth, policy standardization, Bahrain Phone Number diminishing margins of short video growth dividends, and the opening of differentia competition. BAT has enter the game one after another, and Tencent has been incubating short video products outside of  is going all out to overweight, has been reorganiz and launch, and  is struggling to save itself.

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