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The Unspeakable Secret Between Front-end and Designer Sweden Phone Number

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The Unspeakable Secret Between Front-end and Designer Sweden Phone Number

I remember that my roommate who lived with me a long time ago Sweden Phone Number often worked overtime until 3:00 a.m. before coming home. I was very puzzl. Later, after chatting. I learn that the designers of their company need to check the manuscript a little after the front-end development is complet. Which is a waste of time. And the design side not only needs to be marked for development. But there are still many problems after the development is complet. I have also docked several front-ends. But I have never encounter such a problem that the front-end is very different from the design draft. There is no need to mark and no need to go through the Sweden Phone Number investigation.

Simplification of Functions Sweden Phone Number

Even if the problem is found, it is very rare. So much so that I once thought it was just a matter of the level difference Sweden Phone Number between development and development, and I was very fortunate that I had not encountered that kind of development with poor implementation. However, the good times didn’t last long, just some time ago I connected with a front-end developer, and the landing effect was very unsatisfactory. What confuses me is whether the front-end implementation is good or not. Is it really just luck? Sweden Phone Number Then let’s discuss how to avoid these problems in the face of different front-end development.

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First of all, we need to understand why the front-end implement Sweden Phone Number page is so different from the design draft? 1. The problem behind the difference between front-end implementation and design draft Differences in design between H5 and APP. Compared with the front end, the designer is the closest to the user experience of the product. But after all, there are still many differences between the APP native system interface design and the H5 page design. Therefore, many designers who are not familiar with the technical limitations of  are prone to make some mistakes.



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