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The video giants in the past have been seriously left behind Pakistan Phone Number

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The video giants in the past have been seriously left behind Pakistan Phone Number

Although the whole video industry is thriving from the outside world Pakistan Phone Number. The competition of video platforms has become more and more fierce and cruel. However, the former giant Sohu Video is now seriously behind. Is there really no way out for Sohu Video? According to a report released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute: In the first half of 2018, among the three major video websites, iQIYI and Tencent have always led the way in the number of independent devices, maintaining a scale of about 600 million units, and Youku Video ranked Pakistan Phone Number third with a scale of about 450 million units.

The Former Video Giant Sohu  Left Behind Pakistan Phone Number

Although online video is very popular, some people are happy and some people are Pakistan Phone Number worried. Now Aiyouteng’s position in the video arena can’t be shak. Sohu Video, which used to be very popular, has a lower and lower sense of existence, and it has even been criticiz by the outside world. future development. Why did Sohu Video, which used to be the dominant video of the American TV series, go into decline so quickly in recent years? As one of the earliest Internet people in China, can Zhang Chaoyang save Sohu Video? Is there really no way out for Sohu Video? The former video giant Sohu has been seriously left behind, and the rising star Aiyouteng has become the top three in the video arena This year, the competition among the video website platforms represent by Pakistan Phone Number Aiyouteng is particularly fierce.

 The number of users is the most important base for video websites  Pakistan Phone Number 


Almost taking turns to stage a situation where you can sing and put me on the stage. And all platforms are doing everything they can to snatch users and the market. Take variety shows as an example. At the beginning of the year, iQiyi’s “Idol Trainee” set off a wave of talent shows, and then Tencent also launched “Creation 101”. Various variety shows have also gained a lot of users and popularity by relying on talent shows. In addition Pakistan Phone Number to variety shows, the most important content of video platform competition  is non-popular dramas.

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