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The Handyman Syndrome

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The Handyman Syndrome

I’ve worked with dozens of contractors, and with a few exceptions, they have all suffered from what I name the “handyman syndrome.” This condition, however, is not restricted to handiest craftsmen and tradespeople although it’s miles especially widely wide-spread in that industry. This is just a extra unique manner of illustrating E-Myth’s image of the 3 personalities inside a enterprise proprietor: technician, the manager and the entrepreneur. Respectively and said truly, the do-er, the planner, and the dreamer. The handyman syndrome is a specially stark example of ways fusion to the technician character causes critical commercial enterprise troubles.

The Entrepreneurial Myth, the myth that business proprietors are entrepreneurs while in fact they may be commonly technicians who had “entrepreneurial seizures” is especially thrilling to use to Solopreneurs. These are people who are in a few cases so merely technician that they’ve not but even roofing contractor email list had their seizure yet, and consequently they’re a number of the maximum fused-to-technician enterprise owners round. Their internal manager and/or entrepreneur in fact do not get a lot room for expression in any respect.

Many humans are happy with this and that is of course quality, but they lamentably too frequently do no longer see the impact their technician mentality has on the opposite components of their exercise when they’re not pounding nails, placing tile, or framing partitions. This article will discover the consequences of the technician mentality in tradespeople, mainly but no longer best Solopreneurs.

I use the time period handyman deliberately as it has a sort of unsophisticated connotation that is supposed to quietly offend an professional tradesperson. It is a prod to help you discover which you are extra than that. It shows someone who’s constrained in capability: a person who can restore an outlet however now not rewire a house, repair a sprinkler device however now not deploy new plumbing, set up a new lock but not plane down a door for an ideal suit. You get the concept. But those are best the capabilities connoted by the handyman. I am speakme about the handyman mentality, and that is manner greater critical, for the reason that it’s miles upstream of all of his competencies. The way we assume and are is constantly upstream of what we do, and so the greatest leverage for trade is within the wondering/being domains.

The handyman mentality is an order-taker. Tell him what to do and he goes to work. Give him the gear and the task site and his head is down. He may additionally have a yellow pages advert, however waits for the telephone to ring. He’s got past clients, however he doesn’t have their touch statistics or a mailing list. If they want him, he says to himself, they may name. Besides, he’s maintaining busy with new clients, new jobs, and new orders to take.

He’s concept about hiring an assistant, but that looks like quite a few paintings. He’d have so that it will depend on a steady move of loads more earnings then he has now. He’s not positive how a good deal this is, or even how he’d figure that out. He’s now not so relaxed with Excel. Besides, he’s busy operating and too worn-out on the cease of the workday to plot for the destiny. Who knows what the future will deliver?

The calls preserve coming, the orders keep coming in. Hiring someone might simply complicate things: payroll taxes, workman’s reimbursement, coverage, management. He thinks approximately it now and again inside the 100 diploma heat, or when he has to crawl underneath a house, but at the quit of the day, after a activity well performed, it simply does not appear really worth it. Mostly, he is simply too busy to dream, a great deal much less plan.

This isn’t always just the tale of a wood worker. It is the story for almost any Solopreneur, and frequently still applies to a person who is were given an employee or . Without a Vision of wherein the business/exercise is going, with out a plan of what’s next, the handyman is destined to move anyplace the wind blows. With no plan, there is no route however some thing arises.

Of path, any Solopreneur who wishes to live small clearly has that preference and this is no judgment of that. The hassle is whilst such someone’s handyman mentality trickles into domains that restrict their opportunity, their fulfillment and their achievement. Let’s appearance….

The distinction among a a success widespread contractor and a handyman isn’t in size, scope or volume. It is in mind-set. In income, the handyman is an order-taker. The G.C. Is an professional consultant. The handyman, who is often humble, difficult-running and meek, feels grateful to have the possibility to paintings in someone’s home. Often they do not personal a domestic themselves when they’re just getting commenced. The handyman is shy inside the client’s domestic and does not look around. If they do, they do so handiest in glances, staying focused on the activity at hand. The G.C. Could ask for a tour and take their time.

The G.C. Steps into the patron’s home respectfully, however they’re now not shy about taking on area. They look around. They are an professional in craftsmanship and are not shy approximately it. They be aware matters and make remarks. They note the door does now not quite fit the threshold when they walk in. They notice the windows are thirty years old as a minimum. They be aware the leaky kitchen tap. But once they make comments, they have got a rapport with the home owner that makes it come off as beneficial now not critical.

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