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So You Want to Join the Merchant Navy?

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So You Want to Join the Merchant Navy?

So you want to enroll in the merchant army as an officer? You’ve heard all the ones memories about being paid to visit overseas nations, have not you? What about the lady in bangladesh mobile no every port stories? And you must had been instructed approximately the exciting existence we sailors lead, right? Are those testimonies genuine? Do you believe you studied you have got it in you to sail the excessive seas? Well, I am here to tell you approximately the REAL merchant navy – a number of the tales you have heard are proper, a few are not. I had been sailing for the beyond 30 years consisting of thirteen years as Captain so I am supplying you with an interior view.

Before we begin, permit me first make clear some thing, the service provider army isn’t similar to the Indian navy. Merchant ships carry cargo because the call shows, we aren’t the combating army. The shipment could be boxes, oil, passengers, animals, bulk ore etc.

So what’s the big appeal of the merchant navy? Usually matters come to mind – money and foreign journey. There are different advantages like tax unfastened profits, short promotions and an thrilling lifestyles. But the good revenue is the main temptation. You get fat pay assessments and you do not pay tax (if you live out of the country for greater than 6 months in a monetary yr). You start earning a massive earnings at a completely young age. To provide you with an instance, the beginning profits for a 22 12 months antique 3rd officer or 4th engineer (junior maximum officers on board ships) on an oil tanker is extra than 2000 $ in line with month (conservatively talking).

This quantity relies upon at the kind of deliver and the employer you be part of so don’t quote me! Officers generally paintings on a agreement foundation. Junior officers do 4-6 month contracts, while senior officers do three to four months on board. Some groups pay salaries round the 12 months while others pay you only while you sail. However, your annual earnings will continue to be the identical. Why do ship owners pay you such excessive wages (enormously speakme)? There needs to be a capture, right? The seize is, you stay away from domestic for extended periods of time. In fact you spend maximum of a while at sea as opposed to on land. Sure you get to go to foreign nations but matters have modified now. Its now not as in case you reach a port and all people is going ashore.

Work keeps with every officer / group member working in shifts (watches as we call them). You are free to go ashore as soon as you’ve got completed your watch however remember that you have to come again from your shore go away and work once more.

So, you either sleep otherwise you pass ashore. Work on a ship, by no means stops. As long as the deliver is doing some thing – crusing, loading / discharging shipment, it’s making a living for the ship owner. Port stays have long past down extensively so the ship is in port for a short time. Of course, this depends on the type of ship you are on. Container ships are in port for a few hours (YES few hours), oil tankers for twenty-four hrs, shipment ships and bulk vendors stay longer in port. Watches in port are generally on a 6 on 6 off foundation, 6 hours on duty, 6 hours off responsibility, and then you definitely are lower back to paintings. Hence you can not move ashore in each port because you need to relaxation sometime.

The ship proprietor is paying you to live on board, not to move ashore! Its no longer all bad news, you do get to go ashore and perform a little buying and perhaps sight seeing. Ports are typically far faraway from civilization. Travelling backward and forward takes up time and isn’t always reasonably-priced.

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