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Short video shooting process interaction Germany Phone Number List

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Short video shooting process interaction Germany Phone Number List

Following the above short video shooting Germany Phone Number List process interaction guide (1) , it mainly completes the content of the shooting preparation page and the pause page in the remaining shooting process. Shooting process 1. Shooting preparation page The shooting preparation page is the page that the user enters after clicking the shooting function button, and it is also the page before entering the shooting process, hence Germany Phone Number List the name “preparation page”.

Prop function (green area) Germany Phone Number List

The more detail page structure Germany Phone Number List is shown in the figure below, which is different from the content in the previous article. And has been upgrad and adjust. (Shooting Preparation Page Architecture). Except the shooting button is fixed in the center at the bottom of the page for these functions. Other function entrances do not have a fixed layout style on the page. According to the main shooting function or operation and other factors, the layout position of each button will be adjust accordingly. But no matter how it is chang and adjust, the area where the function entry appears is unchang. The common layout style Germany Phone Number List areas on the page are as follows:

Shooting button Germany Phone Number List 

Germany phone number list

(Shooting preparation page functional area). Germany Phone Number List The orange inverted L area is the main functional area, carrying most of the functional content. The green area on both sides of the shooting button is the entrance area. Where relevant functions such as shooting and uploading will be plac. Or the entrances that are prominent in product strategy will be place in the entrance area. Therefore, for example: stickers, props entrances; auxiliary or secondary entrances will be place in the blue area at the bottom of the page, and some pages are hidden in the blue area; the dark gray area on the left will theoretically hardly appear functional entrances, because this The position belongs to the non-hot zone position for right-handed one-handed Germany Phone Number List operation, of course, this is not absolute.

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