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Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

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Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

Even ultimate year, in 2009, when the economy became its worst (of the recession), the charge of oil did now not drop under $60 in keeping with barrel. Now, because the financial system is improving from the recession, the price of oil is heading lower back up. This, of path, is due to fundamentals. Demand for oil remains robust due to the fact the growing countries, in particular India and China, are nevertheless forging beforehand with their commercial applications. Their economies are nevertheless growing, their citizens have become more prosperous and traumatic greater luxuries. All of those are things which want oil for power. Obviously, this is ideal news for you if you are looking for jobs on offshore drilling platforms.

Getting work with an offshore drilling contractor is not exactly rocket science. It especially halliburton phone directory requires staying power and guts. The extra process programs you ship out, the more interviews you’ll be called for, the extra your chances of having employed. Of course, the huge query is how do you discover all those offshore drilling activity vacancies?

The maximum simple methods that everybody uses are – register with a recruitment corporation in the oil industry; look on job forums like Monster, Yahoo Jobs, Career Builder and Hot Jobs; and take a look at newspaper activity commercials. These aren’t bad methods, it is simply that by the point the task vacancies meander their way through the bureaucracies of the Human Resources branch, it could already be filled via people with insider contacts.

That brings up an vital query – how do you find an offshore drilling rig job before it seems in an advertisement? The handiest way is to search for all the small offshore drilling contractors who do the work for the massive offshore drilling companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Transocean, etc. Most of these small oil provider agencies have a tendency to cluster around types of places – the headquarters of the bigger agencies that subcontract to them; and across the area in which the offshore oil rigs are positioned (inside the US, these would be the Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas).

Basically speaking, if you are not staying in this type of locations, you’re at a disadvantage while searching out a task on an oil platform. If you stay there, you then have get entry to to many greater sources, which includes neighborhood newspapers where jobs are advertised; the bars, diners and consuming spots where the hiring managers and HR of those small oil groups have their lunch and dinner; and final but not least the local smartphone directories.

Let’s have a look at those separately. Job ads inside the papers are not a especially proper manner to look for a vacancy, mainly for a country wide every day. Ads in such newspapers are very costly and a small organization isn’t always likely to apply them. However, commercials in small nearby (metropolis and country) papers are inexpensive and more likely for use.

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