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Ma Private Visit” to Consult Tencent? Benin Phone Number

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Ma Private Visit” to Consult Tencent? Benin Phone Number

Mark Twain said that history does not repeat, but it rhymes. In the Internet industry,  history is the same. In 2011, after the 3Q war, Ma  held a series of conferences with the theme of “diagnosing Tencent”. We all know what happened later. Tencent went from being closed to being open, from doing everything by itself to doing everything by its allies. Yes, everyone knows the story after that. Tencent has WeChat, and Tencent Benin Phone Number has become the leader of the alliance.

In 2011, After the 3q War Benin Phone Number

The Internet pattern has become AT hegemony. Seven years later, Ma Benin Phone Number seems to be anxious again. The last  account on  whose certification information was “Chairman and CEO of Tencent’s Board of Directors”, asked such a question late at night on October 23: What basic scientific breakthroughs will affect the Internet technology industry in the next ten years? What changes will be brought about by the integration and innovation of the industrial Internet and the consumer Internet? His last question was on May 7, 2012: At what stage is the entire human race in the development of the Internet? Where is the general direction of Internet upgrading in the next decade? The old-fashioned news joked on Weibo: Benin Phone Number “Ma  has been anxious once in six years, where to pick up another ferry ticket this time.

The Old-fashioned News Joked on Weibo Benin Phone Number

Benin Phone Number

” The media looked at Ma  question with a Benin Phone Number melon-eating attitude, explaining Tencent’s anxiety. The two questions are related to Tencent’s industry situation, and it is easy for people to guess and associate. Yes, this year’s Tencent does seem a bit anxious compared to last year’s Tencent, which dominated the  dinner party. Of course, you can put an anxiety hat on Ma , and even anxiety is the normal state of Ma  daily life. Even the scene of asking questions on itself has a very visual sense: Ma  looked at the constantly falling stock price, Ali and  aggressive posture, thinking about the adjustment of the game industry.

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