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Franchises Must Meet Legal Definition to be an Actual Franchise

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Franchises Must Meet Legal Definition to be an Actual Franchise

All franchises have to meet the felony definition of a franchise regardless of what they call it earlier than it’s miles an real franchise. This is the Federal Trade Commissions take at the franchise rule. It isn’t always unlawful to name a corporation a franchise although it is not one and if it isn’t always it does no longer have to observe motorcycle mailing list the policies. In this opinion of regulation, I do have a short precis of thoughts for the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule Making Group:

So what you’re saying is that despite the fact that a company calls what they do a franchise, it is not a franchise until it meets the test. And if meets the take a look at then it’s miles a franchise irrespective of what the parties call it?

Well then Al Queda, that is frequently referred to as a franchise in our national news, that’s working in the United States, clearly isn’t always a franchise and consequently does no longer need to disclose anything or any facts. Yet all the valid groups, that are franchises have to divulge the whole lot. Why now not make Al Queda meet the definition of a franchise due to the fact that they have comparable training camps, gather charges and use similar handbooks, operations manuals and strategies? Each global cellular or franchise follows the same plans. If the FTC can make them fall within their definition; then the FTC can get a listing of all their franchisees and the Federal Trade Commission can sue them to prevent attacks?

Just like the Federal Trade Commission is doing with SPAM. Doing lots of proper there, allow me inform you, with 2111 worth of junk mails nowadays on my own. Thanks for nothing. I need my taxpayers money again! What a complete shame and failure, is the Federal Trade Commission unfit to steer? Next query:

It appears the Catholic Church is a franchise but name itself a church. Operates the usage of the equal advertising plan to gather tithing, can pay franchise royalties to the discern, even molests young youngsters which appears to be a commonplace subject matter and practice? So does this imply if Bob Smith owned a Motorcycle Repair Company in place of a vehicle save that it can become a church and franchise out and accumulate expenses without being a franchise? “Zen and the art of…”

Although one may have problems with this argument seeing that those examples are absolutely absurd, from a philosophical standpoint, one does need to ask the query? And perhaps even ask; why can we actually have a franchise rule inside the first place?

Obviously it is to assist other business models over the franchise model? So the Federal Trade Commission has a franchise rule to make it tough for franchises to survive so different enterprise models can do better? Yet it is now established in spite of all this bogus over law franchising nevertheless wins because the most efficient version. I gift those examples as so much of this file and those who commented are out to lunch.

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