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Criticized For A Wave

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Criticized For A Wave

Which he won, being the reason discovering his betting skills that led him to found the digital casino. The messages publish on their social networks and digital media are consider electoral propaganda. On Wednesday of next week it will be define if the actor remains in the electoral competition. Roberto Palazuelos has less than 24 hours to remove 54 posts from his social networks.

Controversy and sayings of the businessman will also be investigate by the federal collegiate body. Entrepreneur Roberto Palazuelos and candidate for the Government of Quintana Roo has been warned by the state Electoral Institute (IEQROO) for violating the close season law with advertising on his social networks. For this reason, before the end of the day. It will have to eliminate 54 publications on platforms and digital media as it is consider part of an early electoral.

The Oldest Remains

In accordance with an Nigeria phone number  order from the IEQROO. The agency also call on the so-call “Black Diamond” . To refrain from issuing direct and indirect communications that could lead to electoral propaganda or imply anticipate campaign events. The reality of the banker . The provision for the Citizen Movement (MC) contender was generate through the Complaints and Denunciations Commission of the . Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo as a precautionary measure in response to a request from citizen Carlos Enrique Ruiz Dzul, On February 4, after that some announcements of the also actor came out.

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However, they report, the counselors Claudia Ávila Graham, Lorena Contreras Briceño and María Salomé Medina Montaño, members of said commission, made the accusation of proselytism admissible through the file Ieqroo/PES/005/2022. This is not the first political stumble of Roberto Palazuelos on his way to the governorship, since this week the actor was harshly

Attributable To A Bipedal

Of scandals surrounding various statements in the capital’s media. Among which his confession of having participate in a shootout in Which lives were lost during a street fight and the alleg threat to his adversaries. Where he said that he is writing down everything to later settle accounts. In both sayings he later retract. The political future of the “Black Diamond” The coordinator of the Citizen Movement in the Chamber of Deputies, Jorge Álvarez, announced.

It will be next Wednesday, February 16. When it is decide whether or not Roberto Palazuelos is appoint as a candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo. Given the controversial statements of the actor. They announce, the National Coordinator of the party, erected in the National Electoral Assembly. Must evaluate that the man complies with the basic principles and documents of the political force. The businessman is the only candidate that the Citizen Movement register.

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