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An emblematic sport of Mexicans.  Which he play since 1983, beginning within the coverage of sporting events . As part of the ranks of Televisa Deportes. However, the characteristic voice he had, as well as his peculiar way of narrating sporting events, quickly led him to become a benchmark in national sport. Are you looking for a job too? Arturo Rivera obtain the name that would place him within popular slang. Due to one of the sides of the fight, since within this sport.

Those fighters who generate graces, charisma and are represented as “the good ones” are call “Los”. While those antagonistic beings, represent by “the bad guys” are call Los “Rudos”, a situation that gave him the nickname of El “Rudo” .Rivera, since in life this was his passion, besides Arturo Rivera. He also had another passion, being a staunch fan of Club Atlante.️ The Worldwide family unites in.

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Prayer for the Namibia phone number rest of our friend Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera. Prompt resignation for family and friends. Wrestling AAA Worldwide February 10, 2022 Arturo Rivera and his struggle to survive. The Wrestling chronicler was facing various health problems. Which even led him to remain in a coma for a few days. After his recovery, Arturo Rivera spoke with Javier Alarcón within his YouTube program.

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Where the commentator He spoke about his illness in 2011. Where he noted that he was affect by a bacteria, which placed him on the edge of the ropes and a foot from death. In addition, he commented that the situation reach critical levels. So much so that he had to be induce into a coma, “ More than five times, my children tell me, that the doctor came out to tell them. ‘Get ready, we don’t think the night will pass’ . And there was God who did not want me to leave and they hit the antibiotic.

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and from there he gradually improve. The chronicler commented during the interview. During the first days of February, the news of the chronicler’s hospitalization, which was carri out in an emergency , was share within the digital channels of Televisa, where the collaboration of fans and followers was also request, since donors of blood and platelets. The “Rudo” Rivera and his time in advertising José Arturo Rivera García, was the voice of La Lucha Libre in Mexico, who work for

Televisa Deportes since 1983, in addition to various appearances in specialize sports newscasts such as: “Más Deportes”, “La toca, Acción”, “Matutino Expresss ”,In direct contact, 24 hours, Eco Information System, and of course his role as the main commentator for Triple A, this at the end of his employment relationship with Televisa, in addition to his foray into film and digital media. André Ledezma found Diamante casino after a stroke of luck in the betting world. Bad Bunny’s concert within CDMX will take place on December 9 inside the colossal Azteca Stadium.

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