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Become A Member of the HEALTH REVOLUTION – I Did!

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Become A Member of the HEALTH REVOLUTION – I Did!

I was pleased to receive today in my e mail an invite to grow to be a member of a private Healthcare Membership Association created for people who are ready physician email lists free to start taking complete responsibility in their very own health! (Exactly what I’ve been advocating for decades!) I understand many will disagree with me (especially in my age organization, i.E. The “Baby Boomers” who rely a lot on their medical doctors, medical health insurance, and HMO’s), but it is not the duty of every person else to take care of YOUR private health! If you’re unwell, it’s generally due to the fact YOU did now not make top fitness selections in Your lifestyles.

Neither the government, FDA, nor the Medical Industry medical doctors, can do lots of whatever for you, besides make you as secure as possible, at the same time as they watch you die, because they may be all hand-cuffed and controlled via the Pharmaceutical Industry this is literally “banking” on every and each ailment closing mysteriously “incurable”, all of the while, being informed of the many herbal and low cost treatment options already in lifestyles! All the drugs…The studies…The pricey chemotherapy and radiation treatments…The Dialysis treatments…All in their strategies have very brief to no effective effects for the sufferers; and as such, the “patients” (you and me) have grow to be dehumanized, and simplest a means to an give up… Attaining the billions of bucks PROFITS along the “CHAIN OF DEATH”!

They are so ambitious now, that after they advertise a brand new drug on TV, they give you a listing of exactly what other health issues will arise from taking that one drug, (.I.E ‘This drug might also solve one hassle, but it’s going to create a variety of different fitness problems, a number of which, will be MORE DETRIMENTAL than the only it quickly treats!) GIVE ME A BREAK! They must suppose that we are STUPID! CORRECTION: They must KNOW that we’re STUPID, to keep taking a drug, (thanks to the recommendations of our “depended on” physicians, who get paid to push the lethal pills on us!), with the intention to knowingly create other fitness troubles

Look… The primary message I desired to get across nowadays, is LEARN the way to take manage of your own fitness, and live the remainder of your life sickness-unfastened! Educate your self and read all the books on natural restoration that you may! By doing so, you turns into aware of a few remarkable “modern-day” alternative fitness records on a non-stop foundation, that could both shop YOUR lifestyles, or that of a cherished-one! What ought to probably be more critical than that?

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