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Awards For Motherboard Manufacturer ASUS

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Awards For Motherboard Manufacturer ASUS

They have received numerous awards over the years and are proud to confess that 55 million of their motherboards had been shipped in 2006. Their estimation is that one bangladesh mobile company list out of each 3 computers contained one their motherboards. A few awards that ASUS boast of include listings in Business Weeks “Info Tech a hundred”, and being listed as #1 by way of the Wall Street Journal for pleasant products and services.

They have evolved a huge kind of motherboards for high quit, mainstream, and price clients. NVIDIA, Intel, ATI, SiS, and ULI all include their chipsets into these motherboards.

The “Energy Processing Unit” or (EPU) become these days delivered to the ASUS motherboard. This helps motherboards use less strength and lessens startup time to five seconds. You can quickly get entry to the Internet while not having to get admission to the tough disk or await Windows besides up. Another function that blessings ASUS motherboards is the CPU coolers. This disperses pc warmth successfully. The Lion Square CPU cooler can lessen CPU warmth by way of up to 30%. Helping computer systems to last longer.

While motherboards are their biggest product vendor, additionally they produce computer systems, notebooks, audio cards, “Eee PC”, graphic playing cards, LCD monitors, networking gadgets, garage devices, PDA’s, servers, internet cams, and cell phones.

ASUS even acquired awards for notebook production. They have been the primary in the global to acquire TCO ‘ninety nine certification. This manner they have got meet all of the standards wanted for radiation emission control, battery intake, ergonomics, and ecology certification.

They additionally delivered a totally petite pc laptop to the market. This light weight laptop, referred to as the Eee PC, measures simplest 7 inches. This on the go laptop has energy efficiency, built in wi-fi, and has short start up time.

Expanding even greater into the technological world, ASUS has gotten into Internet Radio. With this product you could join wirelessly to the Internet and concentrate to hundreds of radio stations around the world. This product does no longer require a laptop, it’s miles just a small device that could accomplish this on its own. An brought advantage to this is the potential to connect a MP3 player through a port for play back from this device.

ASUS will hold with their agency undertaking, “To provide progressive IT answers,” within the destiny. They will deliver high-quality, velocity, innovation, service, and price performance in all their merchandise.

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