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Alternative Fuel

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Alternative Fuel

CNG Motor to sell environmental safety and energy conservation Today, nations are exploring the development and use of smooth electricity. Singaporean researchers recently developed a new kind of hydrogen fuel motorbike.

We advocate a ramification of activities, however our foremost propose is to supply the CNG & Hydrogen era for motorcycles ( Bikes & Tricycles ). We are targeting the Asia market, retail and Hybrid conversion as currently over 140 hundreds of thousands motorcycles are registered in Asia by myself by using grow fee of 5% to10% yearly.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) marine transportation is poised to be a possible strategy to convey natural gas materials to new markets or offer an answer for monetizing stranded gasoline. This is being pushed in big part by excessive liquid gasoline energy charges. CNG marine transport has a marketplace area of interest among the volumes and distances that pipelines and LNG can economically transport. CNG Corporation’s Gas Mobility Module (GMM)1 a light-weight pressure containership vessel, has been evolved to specially address this marketplace. CNG marine transportation in huge sri lanka mobile number details volumes isn’t always currently applied everywhere within the world, though bulk delivery through truck is properly confirmed. Due to the reluctance by means of many parties to be the ‘first mover’, CNG Corporation has embarked on the improvement of a small, easy compression loaded barge based CNG marine transport mission so as to provide an indication platform for the GMM technology. The small size and resulting minimum capital outlay will offer a far needed working business scale model at the same time as minimizing the dangers and financing troubles related to many proposed huge scale tasks.This paper will present details of the assignment, its improvement timetable and deal with the improvement process essential to make CNG marine transportation a viable fact.


CNG delivery is not new nor are the technology being brought to CNG delivery, however what is new is the software of these technology into a CNG marine primarily based device and the expanded volumes of CNG proposed to be transported. CNG Corp’s Gas Mobility Module (GMM) technology is well located to come to be the CNG transport market chief because of the competitive advantage of the light-weight GMM, commercial availability of the GMM product, CNG Shipping, CNG Supply, CNG Storage, CNG Retail Station and the thought for mobility module of cng conversion for motor motors and bikes.

Indonesia has nearly a hundred ninety trillion cubic toes (TCF) of herbal gas reserves (validated and possibly), the thirteenth biggest inside the international. In 2004, the country produced three.03 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gasoline, ranking 8th in international gasoline manufacturing. Gas reserves are equivalent to almost 4 instances Indonesia’s oil reserves and can deliver the usa for sixty two years at cutting-edge production prices. According to the analysis, over 71 percent of herbal fuel reserves are placed offshore, with the largest reserves located off Natuna Island (28.8 percentage), East Kalimantan (25.2 percent), South Sumatra (thirteen percent) and Irian Jaya (12.Eight percent).

However, not all of these reserves are commercially feasible, due to each the fine of the fuel and the space to marketplace.

Power generation needs in Java and Bali may also drive growing domestic gas call for. Over the remaining several years, top power call for grew by way of a median of six percent annually, at the same time as strength ability did not increase. Peak loads at the Java-Bali grid (which bills for of 80 percent of Indonesia’s energy call for) reached a report excessive of 14,821 MW in April 2005. As a result, the real reserve margin has declined from sixteen percentage in 2001 to a razor-skinny 6 percentage in 2004 in (Note: favored reserve margins are generally between 25 and 30 percent).

PLN estimates that Indonesia needs over 23,000 MW in new capacity between 2005 and 2015 to save you a long-time period power crisis and restore its power reserve margin. Much of that new potential may be fueled by means of fuel and coal. PLN plans to raise herbal fuel use via the energy quarter from 17 percent in 2004 to forty percentage with the aid of 2015.

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