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Superconductivity at room temperature

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Superconductivity at room temperature

Nearly a year and a half later, patients have not experienced the painful attacks that they used to have every few months. Martinique Email List Seven patients who normally receive blood transfusions for beta-thalassemia were also treated and have not needed transfusions since.

With more evidence, the new treatment could rival the success of gene therapies treating the two diseases,

but the CRISPR approach requires high-tech medical care and could cost a million dollars or more per patient, putting it out of the box. reach of much of Africa, where the majority of people with sickle cell disease live.

Superconductivity at room temperature

Superconductivity at the room temperature

HIV: Elite Drivers Aids virus – Archive HIV, like all retroviruses, integrates its genetic material into human chromosomes,

creating “reservoirs” where it can hide, undetected by the immune system and making it invulnerable to antiretroviral drugs. But where it hides can make a difference.

This year, a study of 64 infected people who have been healthy for years without antiretroviral drugs –

so-called elite controllers – reveals a link between their unusual success and where the virus is in their genomes.

This finding will not lead directly to a cure, but it opens a new strategy that other infected people can live decades without treatment.

Superconductivity off the room temperature

(blue) and experimentally determined (green) match almost perfectly

The structures of a protein that were predicted by artificial intelligence (blue)

and experimentally determined (green) match almost perfectly –

DeepMind An artificial intelligence (AI) has managed to solve one of the greatest challenges in biology:

accurately predicting the 3D way in which an amino acid chain bends when it becomes a functional protein.

And it has done as well as laboratory experiments. Reviewb As the precise shape of a protein determines its biochemical functions,

the new program could help researchers uncover disease mechanisms, develop new drugs, and even create drought-tolerant plants or cheaper biofuels.

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